escee.com TRAVEL - Napa Rose - 1/21
travel log
OK. So today is still Getty/Griffith day. However our dinner that evening overwhelmingly necessitated its own album. We ate at Napa Rose, the oeuvre of Disneyland's dining offerings, and an acclaimed 4-diamond restaurant. We upped the ante here by sitting at the Chef's Counter, where you can personally interact with the chef, watch the kitchen staff at work, and have a mostly random array of courses selected for you - each of the four members of our party got something different for each course. We also opted to have each course paired with wine, which was expertly done. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the experience and because I didn't take notes, I don't have a description of every item we ate. This first item, I have no idea what it is, though I'm sure it's the amouse bouche. I have photos of each and every item offered to our four-person party and have identified them to the best of my ability.
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