- 2023 - South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Istanbul
travel log
Arrival in Istanbul
Departure from Istanbul
Jozi to Vic
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe I
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe II
Victoria Falls, Zambia I
Victoria Falls, Zambia II
Chobe River Cruise
Chobe Game Drive
Elephant Sands
Okavango Delta I
Okavango Delta II
Long Drives
Blyde River Canyon I
Blyde River Canyon II
Kruger National Park I
Kruger National Park II
Kruger National Park III
Road to Joburg
Apartheid Museum
Jozi to Cape
Cape Town I
Cape Town II
Cape Town III
Robben Island

Our first major international trip after the pandemic (our trip to Norway was essentially a "bonus" trip planned on account of relaxed travel restrictions; it was only a week long) was to a long-sought place: Sub-Saharan Africa. We took a week-and-a-half camping safari with a tour company - with a great group of travelers, and a fantastic three-person crew - and added time in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Istanbul on our own.

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