TRAVEL - 2022 - Norway and Finland
travel log
TWA Flight Center
Oslo I: Opera and Bibliotek
Oslo II: Karl Johans Gate
Oslo III: Rådhuset
Oslo IV: Akershus
Oslo V: Floating Sauna and Modern Art
Oslo VI: Edvard Munch
Oslo VII: Heyerdahl, Nansen, and Amundsen

We intended for our summer Four Corners trip to take the place of a big international trip in 2022, but when the US dropped its test-to-return requirement for international travel, we immediately jumped on the opportunity to travel abroad again for the first time in over three years. Norway was chosen because of its lack of travel restrictions, but perhaps more importantly because we got an amazing deal on airfare: under $400 per person round trip, baggage-inclusive. We took a shorter trip than we usually would in traveling internationally due to this trip being basically a "bonus" trip for 2022. We intend to return to Norway during a future trans-Scandinavia trip, but due to the timing of this one working out well for chasing the aurora borealis, we focused this short one-week trip on Oslo and the North. We did end up seeing the aurora, although actually not in Norway but instead in Finland!

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