- 2022 - Road Trip: Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas
travel log
Convergence Station I
Convergence Station II
Convergence Station III
Convergence Station IV
Saint Elmo
The Black Canyon
Palisade and Moab I
Fisher Towers and Arches I
Arches II
Island in the Sky I
Island in the Sky II
Moab II
Green River
Bryce I
Bryce II
Bryce III and Zion
Sand Dunes and Glen Canyon
Canyon X and Horseshoe Bend
Antelope Canyon
The Road to New Mexico
Four Corners, Shiprock, and Hotel el Rancho
Avocados from [Gallup, New] Mexico
El Malpais and the Very Large Array
White Sands I
White Sands II
Museum of International Folk Art
Multiple Visions
Santa Fe I
Santa Fe II
Bandelier I
Bandelier II
El Rancho de las Golondrinas
Santa Fe III
The House of Eternal Return I
The House of Eternal Return II

Perhaps our longest-postponed trip, we first planned to travel to the Four Corners in 2016. This ambitious road trip was pushed back many times, first to Spring 2017, then Fall 2018, and finally to 2019. Each time, some other trip came up and took its place. Finally, in 2022 with our return to travel, we decided against an international trip due to the possibility of being stranded abroad (testing requirements) and instead completed our long-awaited Four Corners road trip as our big trip of the year. This trip also brings my state count to 46, with only Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, and Alaska remaining.
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