escee.com TRAVEL - Dahshur - 1/9
travel log
The first day of the tour was advertised as an 'arrival day' with no planned activities. Well, when I got into Cairo I was told that there actually would be optionals offered: the Museum, the Citadel, the Coptic center, a sound and light show. But, since I didn't know about any of this beforehand, I had already booked my own private tour for the first day. I'm glad I did, because it was a wondeful tour. We started by going down to Dahshur, site of some of the lesser-known, but more interesting pyramids. Pictured here is the 'Bent Pyramid,' construction on which began at a slightly more ambitious angle, before realism set in and they had to readjust their vision. It's also striking because it has almost all of its original limestone coat, which all pyramids once had.
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