- 2021 - Philadelphia, New York City, California
travel log
Philadelphia I
Philadelphia II
New York I
New York II
New York III
Golden Gate Park
Fisherman's Wharf
Oracle Park
North Bay I
North Bay II and East Bay
Road to Los Angeles
Los Doyers
Disneyland I
Disneyland II
Disneyland III
Los Angeles I
Los Angeles II
Los Angeles III
Los Angeles IV

My very first trip after the end of the pandemic (a time period I define as being between the beginning of lockdowns and when the vaccines became widely available) was a short train trip to Philadelphia and New York City. Most importantly, this trip checked the ballparks of two more teams (Phillies and Mets) off my list, bringing me above the halfway point on my quest to reach all 30. I then flew to the opposite side of the country, joined by family, and visited even more ballparks, bringing the final total to 18 of 30 and covering both coasts of the US in one short trip.
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