travel log
Arrival Day
Ballestas Islands
Nazca Lines
Lima I
Villa El Salvador
Lima II
Sacred Valley Ingress/Alpaca Farm
Pisac/Elementary School Visit/Urubamba Rafting
Ollantaytambo/In-home Visit
Machu Picchu
Cuzco I/Sacsayhuaman
Cuzco II

Our trip to Peru was with a guided tour operator, and extremely inexpensive ($1050 plus airfare), but only covered a small part of the country - Lima, the Sacred Valley, Cuzco, and Machu Picchu. So we tacked on a bit of touring on our own at the beginning of the trip, heading to southern Peru.

There are still many parts of Peru I would love to visit - particularly the rainforest as well as Lake Titicaca.

I intended to be more selective with which photos are included (compared to my Eastern Europe and Italy albums) to create a more manageable presentation.
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