escee.com TRAVEL - Dublin II, Cahir, and Cashel - 1/24
travel log
The next day we took a bus to Cahir. This was the cause of a small misfortune so I should back up and indicate that a greater misfortune started off our trip. Aer Lingus lost our luggage. It was eventually delivered to us, but it certainly set a dreary tone at the start of the trip which I was resolutely determined to overcome. Then, my cell phone died while waiting outside Heuston Station for this bus to Cahir. That's disappointing enough, but my prepaid and discounted bus ticket to Cahir was saved on the phone. I had printed out a paper copy of the ticket but it was in my checked bag, which Aer Lingus lost. So, I now had to pay out of pocket for a new round trip ticket to Cahir, which was something like 25 euro.
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