The Wonderful World of Oz

August 18, 2019


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We’re now about a week into the trip, but I am going to try to backtrack and work from the beginning. One of the first sites we visited, in Sydney, was the Art Gallery of New South Wales. I had been especially keen on visiting this site as it is known for having a particularly robust collection of Aboriginal art. However, I was also blown away by the overall collection they had of Australian art juxtaposed with the European masters. It really occurred to me as a result of this visit that it is a shame that The Powers That Be have kingmade certain regions of the world as the sources of High Art. The expressionism, surrealism, abstract art, and contemporary art from Aussies was every bit as good in my view as those of the better known masters. But I never would have discovered them had I not set foot in Oz. I write this from a hotel in Brisbane, The Johnson, named for Michael Johnson, another Aussie artist I had never heard of, and another Aussie artist who is incredibly brilliant. I will now endeavor when I travel to always seek out ways to discover the master artists of the countries I visit, as they are certainly every bit as capable as their better-known European brethren.

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