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September 1, 2019


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Some of the best experiences I have had while traveling were when I connected with local people. Because I am a huge introvert, I don’t generally seek out these experiences, but sometimes they happen organically. We were able to connect with some locals in Sydney while visiting several craft breweries. At one of these, one of the owners started up a conversation with Amy and at another, several local guys out drinking invited us to join them at the bar, and then decided instead to move in on the table we were sitting at. We talked about everything from the cost of living in our respective countries to our travels and even politics.

Two of the absolute highlights of my travels were a “travel ambassador” in Ireland inviting us to go see his girlfriend perform music at a bar in Dublin, and then us all drinking together at the show, and being invited to an Ifthar in Istanbul. (These are both documented in the respective travel logs for those trips). While getting into a conversation with locals at breweries doesn’t come close to those, I was still happy to get a chance to have some casual and organic conversations with locals. It’s too easy - and as an introvert I am too susceptible - to only interact with the service and tourist industries while you travel. While I probably won’t be creating a lot of opportunities myself to escape that bubble, when I do escape regardless it always enriches the trip and my connection to the country.

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