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October 21, 2016

Nous sommes ici!

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Is that how you say “We are here” in French? I ought to look that up.

Well, folks, we are here. In Brussels. I had forgotten what a truly beautiful city it is. So much culture and so many beautiful buildings! It would also appear that I had forgotten how crazy tired I get from trans-Atlantic overnight flights and how hard it is to push yourself through that first day to get a relatively normal sleep schedule. Whatever; I’ll get over it.

We checked out a few top-notch museums today: the Musical Instruments Museum and the Belvue museum. The former is pretty self-explanatory, I believe, but I will add that it was awesome!! I learned so much, and they had an excellent audio guide system that played samples of lots of the instruments and their representative musical styles. The second museum there, Belvue, is basically an interactive, thoughtfully laid out, brief history of Belgium and Brussels. For having hosted a Belgian exchange student in my home and having traveled here twice before, I was shocked by how little I had knew about the country. This was an excellent museum that truly made learning fun. It also helped inform my understanding of this country as a whole. I’m glad we checked that out on our first day here.

The rest of the day was taking a couple of self-guided leisurely walking tours, with the help of our friend and travel writer Rick Steves. Everything wrapped up this evening with a relaxed dinner at the home of Marie and Renaud, friends of my exchange sister Charlotte who are graciously housing us during the Brussels portion of our stay. I cannot thank them enough for their kindness and hospitality.

Well, the beer and wine and overnight flight and say of touring have all caught up with me, so I’m declaring it bedtime. If nothing else, I need to rest up for all the merriment we’ll be making at Charlotte’s wedding tomorrow!!! So excited!

October 11, 2016

Hello world!

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The excursion begins October 20.

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