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October 29, 2016


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We did all the things in Paris. We also had our two “splurge” meals of the trip, lunches at Michelin-starred Relais Louis XIII and l’Agape. Both were good, but Louis really wowed… this soup and this sea bass were the best things I’ve had on this trip. We’re mostly being pretty “cheap” with food on this trip which enabled us to do these two meals in the capital of the Michelin Guide.

The ossuaries in the catacombs were probably what impressed me most. Yes, those are all bones. I was expecting to not be very impressed with the Eiffel Tower, but being up close, it really blew me away. I was also surprisingly impressed with the Louvre, but more with how things were displayed; the Pompidou’s modern art is more my speed, personally. On the other hand, Versailles underwhelmed, especially compared to the royal palace in Madrid. I did however enjoy walking through Marie Antoinette’s “hamlet” where she lived “like a peasant in the country,” despite having servants to do everything for her.

Overall,Paris was great. The people were much more friendly and hospitable than I had expected. We’ll certainly be back as part of a larget France trip; this was only meant to be a taste. Now we’re in Antwerp. We haven’t done anything here yet (we have three nights), but the train station sure impressed. I also really like our hotel - which is a member of the “Tryp” chain by Wyndham; it’s their hip and trendy looking line of properties.

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