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Welcome to our travel log. This log is comprised of journals documenting each of our international and domestic trips, as well as shorter journals featuring seasonal travel. Each journal takes the form of a narrated photo album or slideshow, with written narration accompanying the photos in order to tell the story of the trip. They're kind of like travel weblogs with lots of photos. Our international trips from 2012 through 2019 also include full, separate text weblogs that we wrote during the trips themselves, featuring longer-format prose reflections which supplement the journals.
The journals are listed below or can be accessed by clicking on the map above. The countries highlighted in dark grey have been visited, but no journal has been published yet, and the countries in light grey have not yet been visited, but trips are planned to them.

Future Trips

Summer 2024 — Planned trip to Indianapolis and West Virginia
Fall 2024 — Planned trip to Alaska (48) and Vancouver
Spring 2025 — Possible trip to Israel
2025 — Tentative trip to Seattle, Montana (49), North Dakota (50), Minneapolis

Past Trips

Spring 2024 — Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Salzburg, London
Fall 2023 — India
Summer 2023 — Colorado, Idaho, Utah
Spring 2023 — South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Istanbul
Fall 2022 — Upstate New York and Canada
October 2022 — Norway and Finland
Summer 2022 — Road Trip: Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas
February 2022 — Texas, Arkansas, Missouri
Summer 2021 — Philadelphia, New York City, California
Summer 2019 — Australia
May 2019 — Boston and Maine
April 2019 — Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri
December 2018 — Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, West Virginia
Summer 2018 — Greece and Turkey
Fall 2017 — Wine Country: California, Oregon, Washington
October 2016 — Benelux and Paris
January 2016 — Guatemala and Honduras
October 2015 — Orlando
Summer 2015 — New York City
Spring 2015 — New Orleans
Fall 2014 — Scotland and Ireland
January 2014 — Northern California and Los Angeles
Fall 2013 — Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Tokyo
Summer 2013 — Road Trip: Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota,
Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Kentucky
October 2012 — Orlando
January 2012 — Spain, Portugal, Morocco
Fall 2011 — Los Angeles
October 2010 — Road Trip: Arizona, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee,
Virginia, Maryland
January 2010 — Egypt, Jordan, Amsterdam
Summer 2009 — Peru
January 2009 — Italy
Summer 2008 — Poland, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic
Summer 2007 — China

Seasonal Travel

Winter 2024 — Los Angeles
Summer 2023 — Roanoke and Richmond, VA; New York City
Winter 2023 — Shenandoah NP; Baltimore; Washington, DC; California;
New York City; Columbus, OH
Summer 2022 — Baltimore; Harpers Ferry; Richmond, VA; Washington, DC
Winter 2022 — Columbus and Cincinnati, OH
Summer 2021 — Richmond, VA; Washington, DC; Central Ohio
2020-2021 — SARS-CoV-2
Summer 2019 — Pittsburgh; Columbus, OH; Baltimore
Winter 2019 — Chicago, Indiana, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio
Fall 2018 — Holmes County, OH; Philadelphia; Camden, NJ;
Cumberland, MD; West Virginia
Summer 2018 — Miami, Los Angeles, San Diego
Summer 2017 — Loudoun County, VA; Morgantown, WV; Pittsburgh
Spring 2017 — New Orleans
Summer 2016 — Denver, Detroit, Cincinnati, Central Ohio, Nashville
Winter 2016 — Washington, DC; Northern and Central Virginia
Fall 2015 — Ohio, Delaware, Maryland, Iowa
Summer 2015 — Richmond, VA; Baltimore; Washington, DC
Winter 2015 — Asheville; Floyd, VA; Washington, DC
Summer 2014 — Philadelphia; Washington, DC; Baltimore;
Indianapolis; Chicago; Central Ohio
Winter 2014 — Washington, VA; Charlottesville
Summer 2013 — Atlanta; Washington, DC; Central Virginia
Winter 2013 — Washington, DC; Central Virginia
Summer 2012 — Washington, DC; Central Virginia; Detroit
Summer 2011 — Burlington, VT; Asheville; Charleston, SC; Savannah, GA
Summer 2010 — Denver; San Francisco; Washington, DC; Los Angeles
Summer 2007 — Joshua Tree NP, Las Vegas
Summer 2006 — Interstate 5, Seattle, Wenatchee, and George, WA

Also Visited

• Before the start of this log — Connecticut, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Mexico

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